Presele de inserat suruburi si piulite in tabla produse de compania americana Haeger sunt produsele care includ cele mai avansate tehnologii de pe piata acestor utilaje.

Masini de inserat (prese pentru autosertizare)

824 OneTouch-4e Video images3P7392A1
824 OneTouch-4e Lite  Video images3P7392A1
824 WindowTouch-4e  Video images3P7392A1
824 Plus MSP images3P7392A1
824 MSPe images3P7392A1
618 MSPe images3P7392A1
516 Plus images3P7392A1
824 OneTouch-4e XYZ-R images3P7392A1
Mechanical Joining Solutions images3P7392A1
Special Made to Order images3P7392A1

Aplicatii speciale si alte solutii

Special Bottom Feed
Special Dual Insertion under return flange with quick and easy change over
Reverse Flange Nut Installation – Unique, Manual fastener feed system images3P7392A1
Battery Clamp – Unique, Manual fastener feed system images3P7392A1
J-Frame Blind Nut Auto Feed Into Flanged Part images3P7392A1
Shulte Dual ABFT (Automatic Bottom Feed Tooling) For Battery Terminals images3P7392A1
Hardigg Bottom Feed Shuttle Nut To Access Tricky Part images3P7392A1
Blind nut insertion into deep box images3P7392A1
Custom Application images3P7392A1

Accesorii si optiuni

Positive Stop Cylinder images3P7392A1
Crank Assembly with Digital Readout for Positive Stop Cylinder images3P7392A1
Tooling Protection System  images3P7392A1
Batch Counter images3P7392A1
Manual Tooling Packages images3P7392A1
Work Light images3P7392A1
Laser Part Locating Light images3P7392A1
Sheet Metal Joining Tooling images3P7392A1
Tuk Rivet Feeding System images3P7392A1
Rivets images3P7392A1

Scule Automate si Manuale

Scule pentru automatizare images3P7392A1
Scule manual images3P7392A1

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